Youth Wellness Camp Program

Welcome to Wellness Camp! Wellness Camp is all about living well - feeling well - and having fun. Campers entering Grades 6 through 9 will enjoy this program filled with variety, fun, and skills that will last a lifetime.

This program will introduce campers to wellness practices and ideas that can be carried into their everyday lives to enhance their state of well being. As we know being a pre-teen is not an easy prospect and we want to help our Wellness Campers thrive by giving them tools to help guide them through this challenging time in their lives. Campers will challenge themselves by trying new and mindful-based activities, exploring nature, expressing thoughts/feelings, engaging in team building tasks, exploration through the arts, and fitness activities. Read through this page to learn more about Wellness Camp. If you have any questions about the program once you have read all of the information here please feel free to email us at


Campers in this program will be participating in activities such as:
Swimming, Canoeing, Kayaking, Stand-up Paddle Boarding, Archery, Talking Circles, Journaling, Advanced Arts & Crafts, Aromatherapy, Yoga, Expression through Music, Meditation, Camp Fire, Self-Discovery Activities, Fitness Health, Healthy Snacking, Off Site Trips and more.

Wellness Camp is excited to bring campers together as a community where they can feel safe and supported in their efforts to add wellness into their lives. Our camp leaders will guide participants and help them to learn about how our fun activities, skills, and tools can be used in their lives even after our camp session ends. We are very pleased to be offering this well needed program to this age group at this time. Join in the fun and embrace Wellness this summer!

Campers will need to come to camp with an open mind and a willingness to try new things!

Our camp is 100% outdoors and therefore love for the great outdoors is helpful.

Off Site Trip Info - Tree Top Trekking Tuesdays

This trip will include trust and confidence building activities and plenty of physical challenges and adventures. We will board a bus from our camp to Tree Top Trekking for the day and return prior to the end of the camp day. Running shoes and weather appropriate clothing are required and your campers packed lunch and snacks for the day will be taken along to Tree Top Trekking with the group. Here is a link to learn more about the park that we will be venturing into on the Tuesday of each of the weeks of this program:

Lunches and Snacks

Campers will for the most part be packing their own lunches. We will be discussing healthy food choices that are ideal for campers to pack in their daily lunches and encouraging them to make their own lunch if they can. We will also be challenging our campers to try packing a garbage-free lunch as much as possible by using reusable containers rather than disposable packages. We will make some snacks as a part of the program – however – you will still need to send snacks, beverages, and lunches each day.

Pizza Fridays

On Fridays there is an option for Pizza Lunch! Having treats in our diet is a part of well-rounded wellness so if you do choose Pizza Lunch it will be provided to your camper on that day. You can choose to send a packed lunch on Friday too. Pizza Lunch and the option to participate is 100% up to you and your camper.


Staff Ratio:The ratio of care in this program is 15:1 and if your camper requires more support than that at a camp program we invite you to visit out information about accessing support while at camp in the services section of the Kids Inc. web site.

Aquatics: All campers will be required to pass a swim test prior to swimming in the pool without a life jacket and there is an appropriate number of Certified Lifeguard staff at the pool and pond at all times during camp hours. Important note that all pond activities are age restricted. See our handbook for more info.

For additional information regarding swim testing, please consult the Parent’s Handbook.

Sun and Bug Protection:Please apply sunscreen and bug spray every day prior to arriving at camp. Our staff is vigilant about helping your kids reapply during the day. So be sure to pack sunscreen (preferably spray-on,) and bug spray for your children everyday. For more information about our safety policies, please download the Parents Handbook found on


We try to keep your children outdoors whenever possible. Our facility includes a large tented picnic shelter, shaded forest area, and our Junior General Camp shelter that are used for many activities. When weather conditions are too extreme to stay outside we will add walls to our tented shelter for extra protection from the elements. Please do keep in mind that we are an outdoor camp and we will do our very best to keep your child safe no matter what weather comes our way. We do ask that you check the weather and send your camper dressed accordingly. For important weather informationCLICK HERE.

Dates & Rates

WEEK 1 August 12 - 16, 2019

Week 1 of our Wellness Camp is offered during Session 7 of the Kids Inc Camp Summer Program. (Please note when registering it will show as Session 7)

$350.00 + HST



2.14. Cancellation Policy – If you cancel prior to April 30th you will receive a refund minus a single charge per camper of $25.00 for administration of the cancellation. If you cancel after April 30th you must provide us with 21 days’ notice of cancellation in order to qualify for a refund. If you do provide us with 21 days’ notice or more you will receive a refund minus a service charge of $25.00 per week per child. Our goal is to process all refunds within one month of the date of the request. If you have not gotten your refund within this time frame please do contact our office for follow up.

To learn more about our Cancellation Policy you will need to read our Parents Handbook. Thank you!

More important policies and information can be found in the PARENTS HANDBOOK on our FORMS and DOCUMENTS page.